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Plan a Last-Minute Labor Day Trip Thumbnail
Insights Financial Planning

Plan a Last-Minute Labor Day Trip

We’ll have almost a month of official summer left to enjoy after Labor Day on September 4th. But most folks fill those days getting kids ready for school and prepping for the big Q4 push at work. This year I will be busy preparing for the big merge with Schwab as custodian where millions of dollars will be moved over Labor Day weekend and client accounts will be set up with great new features. However, you may be lucky and have nothing on the calendar. So why not unofficially end the summer on a high note? You don’t have much time left to plan, but here are three reasons why putting together a last-minute Labor Day trip could give your Return on Life a quick boost before fall.

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Longer Lifespans Require Planning for a High ROL in Retirement Thumbnail
Retirement Funding Insights

Longer Lifespans Require Planning for a High ROL in Retirement

Advancements in healthcare, exercise, diet, and quality of living have transformed retirement from the end of one's life into the beginning of an exciting new chapter. But living longer isn't the same as living well. An increased lifespan is going to create some important challenges that retirees need to prepare for as early as possible. To maximize your Return on Life in your 70s, 80s, and beyond, start making purposeful investments in these three areas.

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Mission Driven Hits Multiple Best Seller Lists on Launch Thumbnail

Mission Driven Hits Multiple Best Seller Lists on Launch

Copy of Press Release written by Celebrity Press announcing our book Mission Driven hitting two of Amazon's Best Sellers Lists on the first day! God is good! Thank you to all of those who ordered and supported a great cause. I pray it's words equip, encourage, and inspire you on your life journey. If you haven't ordered your copy you can click on the link at the bottom of the release. All proceeds go to a great cause.

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