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How to feel more thankful this Thanksgiving Thumbnail

How to feel more thankful this Thanksgiving

Not feeling very thankful this Thanksgiving season? You probably have more to be grateful for than you realize. But the stress of the holidays and the seemingly non-stop run of bad news in the world can make gratitude hard to come by, harming your spirit, your health, and your Return on Life in the process. Reflection can give you a new perspective on life and improve your outlook as you prepare for a new year. Follow this three-step process to cultivate a gratitude mindset and find a gratitude routine that works for you.

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Is an Unretirement Right for You? Thumbnail
Retirement Funding Insights Financial Planning

Is an Unretirement Right for You?

The COVID-19 pandemic created 2.4 million "excess" retirements in 2020. Some folks retired due to family health issues. Others retired from high-stress positions in health care or education. And many were forced into retirement due to cutbacks by their employers. Fast-forward to 2022 and more than half of those COVID retirees were back in the workforce. If you think unretirement could improve your Return on Life, work through these three questions and share your answers with loved ones and your financial advisor.

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Legacy Planning is More Than Estate Planning Thumbnail

Legacy Planning is More Than Estate Planning

Your legacy is bigger than your balance sheet. That's why we believe that an effective estate plan, which protects and distributes your assets, is only one part of your larger legacy plan. Taking a Life-Centered approach to your legacy can use your intangible assets as a guide for transferring wealth, giving your heirs important lessons on Return on Life. Try this three-step process to start memorializing more than just the money you've earned.

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