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Is an Unretirement Right for You? Thumbnail
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Is an Unretirement Right for You?

The COVID-19 pandemic created 2.4 million "excess" retirements in 2020. Some folks retired due to family health issues. Others retired from high-stress positions in health care or education. And many were forced into retirement due to cutbacks by their employers. Fast-forward to 2022 and more than half of those COVID retirees were back in the workforce. If you think unretirement could improve your Return on Life, work through these three questions and share your answers with loved ones and your financial advisor.

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Longer Lifespans Require Planning for a High ROL in Retirement Thumbnail
Retirement Funding Insights

Longer Lifespans Require Planning for a High ROL in Retirement

Advancements in healthcare, exercise, diet, and quality of living have transformed retirement from the end of one's life into the beginning of an exciting new chapter. But living longer isn't the same as living well. An increased lifespan is going to create some important challenges that retirees need to prepare for as early as possible. To maximize your Return on Life in your 70s, 80s, and beyond, start making purposeful investments in these three areas.

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