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Mission Driven Book Launches Today

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Do you feel a calling to do something new in your next phase of life?  Are you not quite sure where to start?  Are you looking for some direction, inspiration, tools, and techniques to accomplish great things bigger than yourself?  Are you looking to bridge the gap between your God given means and your God given meaning?  

That is the goal of our book Mission Driven that officially launches today in bookstores across the country and on Amazon.  All proceeds go to the non-profit Entrepreneurs International Fund.  This organization is doing great things to get the word out and raise money for disadvantaged groups around the world.

This has been a work of love and collaboration between eight different authors.  We share our intimate stories to help inspire and equip others to fulfill their ultimate missions in life and make the world a better place.  I am so thankful and honored to be a part of this project.  These are real people sharing real stories, challenges, and lessons learned.  I want to thank Emmy award winning producer Nick Nanton for taking the lead and approaching me for this project.  I also want to thank fellow veteran Keni Thomas for accepting the challenge and jumping in the trenches with us.  He shares the real story first hand of the mission and valuable lessons learned that inspired the movie Black Hawk Down.  It alone is worth the read.  

I pray you find it well worth the read and that it blesses you and inspires you to do great things in your journey ahead.  

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